buSY BEE WORKS VOL.4 (paper version)

 image source- Minkyung Kwon, Kyungjoo Choi, Boram Hong
design- Boram Hong
collage- Kyungjoo Choi

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art work- Boram Hong/ assist - Minkyung Kwon
invitation text- Doyoung Lee (curator of gallery Ssamzie)

interview, art work- Boram Hong/ assist - Minkyung Kwon
design and image sources- Minkyung Kwon

design and image sources- Kyungjoo choi

design and image sources- Boram Hong

art work- Boram Hong

publisher: Gallery Ssamzie 
exhibition director- Doyoung Lee (curator of gallery Ssamzie) 
exhibition title: Boram Hong
news paper director, interview and  art work- Boram Hong 
main design- Boram Hong
sub design- Yoonhee Kim (designer of Ssamzie) 
each artists pages were designed by themselves

(c) all the rights of images in this contents reserved by artists. 

(c) Busy Bee Works 2009. All Rights Reserved. 

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